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Art Services

Perhaps more than any other asset, art can form part of a client’s or family’s identity. Whether this is a collection built up over multiple generations, or a portfolio carefully curated for maximising investment potential, art is a specialist asset class and occupies both business and pleasure.

While the art is something to be enjoyed, clients often face challenges with its ownership. As the lives of art owning families become increasingly international, and the values of individual pieces reach sometimes incredible heights, the fiscal governance over portfolios is becoming increasingly important to ensure that wealth is not eroded by taxation, unnecessarily depressed transaction values, fraud or theft.

As assets are capable of surviving multiple generations, it is important to correctly structure the ownership of art portfolios to ensure long term asset protection, while remaining empathetic to the particular piece of art. Whether dealing with the private ownership of an old master kept at the family home, or a dynamic portfolio of modern art lent out to galleries or moved between houses or yachts, we will maintain strong governance over the collections held in the appropriate structures.

We help our clients with the purchase, sale, ownership and management of art portfolios through our network of industry specialists. From choosing to sell via auction or private sale, to keeping art onboard superyachts or preparing for the transfer of portfolios through the generations, we will carefully and sensitively coordinate projects to align with our clients’ varied needs.

What we do:

Through our network of trusted professionals, we are able to support our clients with a wide range of art services from structured ownership, reporting and accounting, to facilitating the lending of art, financing and ownership transfer.

  • Collection management (buying & selling)
  • Current market trends and insight
  • Valuation (sale, insurance, tax etc.)
  • Inventory management (physical location tracking)
  • Condition checking/reporting
  • Restoration and conservation
  • Fine art insurance
  • Fine art shipping
  • Collections security
  • Collections installation
  • Collections art lighting
  • Fine art storage

Benefits to the client include:

  • Sophisticated collections development (academic, commercial and curatorial)
  • Asset-backed lending (leverage the value held in collections)
  • Succession planning (sensitive inter-beneficiary planning and negotiation)
  • Access to assets via our award-winning technology Edge
  • Independent and expert advice (not dependent on transaction)

“At JTC we understand the role that art plays in the lives of some of our clients, which means that we can empathetically provide support and solutions for our clients to purchase, own and sell artwork”.



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