EMPLOYEE & Executive Incentive Services

JTC assists employers to achieve the key goals of a meaningful and effective human resource strategy for their employees and executives. We provide employee benefit structures, administration services and offer effective means of communication to ensure employees get maximum value from the plans that organisations put in place.

We can provide trust and company formation and administration services which match the needs of each individual engagement. Our Employee & Executive Services team has the expertise and knowledge to administer both the acquisition and disposal of assets as required by the relevant arrangement. We can also maintain employee records and prepare suitable documentation and communication materials as agreed with the sponsoring employer.

To service substantial clients in this area, JTC continues to invest in software systems to support the administration of the schemes. We have electronic banking links enhancing the ability to administer plans with multi-currency capability and to make payments to beneficiaries in a timely and cost effective way.

JTC is a trustee and administrator with many years of experience in providing employee benefit solutions. These are a selection of areas in which we form and administer employee benefit plans.

International RETIREMENT BENEFIT plans

Developing employee benefit strategies for internationally mobile employees and third country nationals presents a major challenge for many human resource managers of multinational companies. The difficulty usually revolves around the need to ensure that benefits for these employees are comparable and consistent with the overall benefit strategy of the parent corporation. Our Proteus Global Savings Plan provides practical solutions to these needs in a manner that meets the expectations and requirements of both employers and employees.

Proteus Global Savings Plan

Employee share incentive plans (SIPs)

These share schemes can be used in a tax efficient manner to allow all eligible employees to acquire a shareholding in the employing company through a mixture of personal savings and employer gifts which can be tied to those savings. 


Long or medium term incentive plans (LTIPs)

Long or medium term incentive plans usually involve an award of shares to an employee contingent upon the achievement of certain performance targets which can be set at personal, team or organisational level. The awards may be held in trust until the expiry of the performance period and then released if the performance target has been achieved.

Employee ownership plans

Transferring ownership of part or all of a business from the current owners to the employees can be an attractive proposition, either to achieve an exit from the business or to generate and foster a partnership culture. This can be achieved by using an employee benefit trust which owns or part owns the business for the benefit of the employees. The profits of the business can be used to pay the purchase price over a number of years or provide profit sharing bonuses to the employee owners. By using a trust, the company eliminates the need to issue, cancel or transfer shares as employees join or leave the company.

Company share option plans (CSOPs)

These plans allow employees to benefit from the growth in the share price of the employing company over a period of time by granting the right to buy shares at a future date at a pre-determined price. By using a trust, the company can ensure that shares are set aside in order to meet the implicit promises.

Deferred compensation plans

Deferred compensation plans often involve an award of cash bonuses to employees or executives conditional on achieving certain performance targets over a specified period of time. Use of an independently managed trust gives employees the security that the financing is in place to meet the proposed bonuses.

Local pension plans

Multinational companies often operate in territories where the local market for the provision of employee benefits, such as pension plans, is underdeveloped. The philosophy of the employer may be to provide similar benefits to all of its employees globally, where practical. A solution can be to establish an offshore plan using the skills and expertise of the offshore centre to deliver a local solution.