BVI Incorporations

The combination of our technical expertise, jurisdictional knowledge and client focus, established and refined since 2009, makes JTC Global Incorporations a competitive and highly desirable option for those seeking BVI incorporation-based services.

As a licensed and registered agent, we offer a wide range of company formation services, including:

  • A list of available pre-booked company names to choose from
  • Customised names and features on request, subject to conditions
  • Specialist experience and expertise in the field of BVI incorporations and associated services

Basic information

Politically stable

British-based common law legal system

Migration of domicile permitted

No tax liability on offshore profits

Corporate requirements

Minimum of one shareholder

Minimum of one director

Corporate directors permitted

Secretary not required

Standard authorised share capital/shares of 50,000

Disclosure and due diligence

Due diligence required

Disclosure of beneficial ownership will soon be required

Government filing of register of directors required

Government filing of register of shareholders optional

Annual requirements

Annual return not required

Audited accounts not required

New incorporations on request

Two day turnaround for English name companies

Two day turnaround for English and Chinese name companies

Chinese language features

Chinese name allowed on Certificate of Incorporation