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Why You Need a Fresh Approach to Administration for Your New Venture Capital Fund

9th Jul 2024
With the venture capital industry evolving rapidly, an increasing number of fund managers are leveraging the capabilities of a high-quality third-party fund administrator, like JTC. If you are launching a new fund in 2024, this could be the right approach for you. We have set out some of the advantages our clients are seeing below:
  • Access to the best talent: Finding and retaining knowledgeable and experienced venture capital administration professionals can be a major challenge – while accessing the best and most-experienced talent can give you a huge competitive advantage. Outsourcing to a third-party provider enables you to manage your new fund efficiently – with access to the very best specialist sector talent.
  • Optimizing regulatory compliance and performance: Access to automated software and a dedicated team of accounting and regulatory experts takes much of the stress out of compliance – and ensures your fund is not only primed to respond to constantly evolving regulations and reporting demands, but positioned to be ahead of the curve.
  • Freeing up your existing key talent: Outsourcing can enable your existing talent to focus on adding value through more strategic activities. A specialist third-party provider can provide a team that is passionate about accuracy and the quirks and minutiae of fund administration – while you focus on the strategic direction of the fund.
  • Achieving the highest-possible cyber protection: Venture capital firms are legally responsible for keeping sensitive client data safe. With cybercrime increasing in both scale and sophistication, a high-quality fund administrator that understands the risks can ensure compliance and reduce the threat – all of which helps protect and grow your reputation.
  • Facilitating growth: Fast-changing market conditions can present a challenging environment for growth. Partnering with an established third-party provider gives you access to a dedicated and flexible team of experienced venture capital professionals so you can scale at minimal risk.

As a leading company in institutional and private client services, JTC can provide a wide range of highly effective administrative and strategic solutions for your fund.

To find out more about how we can help you launch your next venture capital fund, get in touch with Coleen and Michelle directly.

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