Careers at JTC

We have a dynamic team at JTC and everyone is dedicated to continuously delivering a service beyond our clients' expectations.

JTC Recruitment Data Protection Policy Notice


We operate around the simple but effective principle that if our people have a stake in the business, they will do a better job for our clients.So in 1998 the JTC Employee Benefit Trust was created, turning our employees into shareholders. In 2014 this belief in share ownership was embedded further into the JTC culture with the equity for all scheme, allowing all permanent members of staff the opportunity to invest in the future of their company.

Strong foundations and a teamwork structure ensures colleagues are supported when they need it, creating a refreshingly stable, positive and energised office atmosphere.

Our vision for the future is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.

JTC’s culture places a strong focus on the development of its employees. We value our staff’s commitment to their career and we will encourage and support them if they wish to pursue a professional qualification.

We believe the key to our employees' drive and dedication is that we are all positive and motivated. Our commitment to JTC's employee benefit trust, continuous professional development and social activities are some of the things that help keep us that way.

Find out more about career opportunities at JTC or please contact the HR team for a confidential chat to let us know why would like to join Team JTC and how you can contribute to JTC’s future.

Please ensure you have read the JTC Recruitment Data Protection Policy Notice before you apply.