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Gateway Testimonial - Graham Sleep

Name: Graham Sleep
Title: Director – Fund Services
When did you join JTC? 2009

“I’ve been with JTC for 12 years and haven’t regretted it at all. I think JTC offers an environment where hard work and effort definitely pays off.”

Where did you previously live? And where did you relocate to?

Cape Town, South Africa, moved to JTC Guernsey

What was your Gateway opportunity and why it was appealing to you?

So, the opportunity came around as a result of some restructuring in the South African office where there was the chance to join the Guernsey team as a third Client Director, which I was very happy to put my hand in the air for! Everyone was really supportive of me taking up that role and it all moved very, very quickly from there.

How supportive was JTC during your transition?

Unfortunately, we did move during the global COVID pandemic, which made things really challenging. JTC were incredibly supportive through the process. There was a lot of patience required on both sides with paper filing for days, but we eventually did manage to get to Guernsey in July 2021 with an incredible group of people who welcomed us to the island, even though we came straight into another two weeks of self-isolation.

What is the No. 1 thing to see/do in your new jurisdiction?

Guernsey is a fairly small place, which is what a lot of people felt the need to tell me when I first told them I was moving here. So far, we really love it! I think probably the number one thing to see here is the coastline. Literally everywhere you go on the island, there’s just incredible views. And if you take the time to take a break and a breath, you can really enjoy just a walk on the beach or the cliffs. It’s good for the soul.

How did your family and friends feel about the move?

My family and friends were, I suppose, a bit betwixt and between about the move. They were obviously very supportive of our decision but they miss us greatly. And we them as well. So we try and make the world a bit smaller. And things like video conferencing definitely make that possible. But I think overall, they’re really happy at the opportunity that we’ve been given.

What lessons did you learn from this experience?

Patience. An international move during a global pandemic required a great deal of patience. And I suppose the lesson there is, you benefit from being patient, and you gain from being persistent in what you want to get. We’re very happy we did it, but it was a long process.

What was a big highlight?

So probably one of the biggest highlights of the move was when our dogs finally got to Guernsey. I’ve got a Jack Russell and a French Bulldog, which are quite challenging to fly. The final leg was done by the private plane organised by one of our colleagues here in Guernsey. And it was just amazing to see them again after about a month of them being in a kennel in South Africa.

Why do you think the international experience that Gateway offers is important?

I think that the international experience that Gateway offers is incredibly important to the business for a number of reasons. I would think the most important one is the retention of skilled and knowledgeable employees within the business. Each of the offices offer their own opportunities to employees, but sometimes people want to move either locally or internationally, and gateway offers an opportunity to do that within the business. And we don’t lose the people. And I think that’s sensational.

What does the JTC Stronger Together shared ownership ethos mean to you?

I think that stronger together means that if we all are pulling in the same direction, that we can do amazing things. And we do that by all being committed in the same way, which is a shared ownership of the business. By having a direct benefit with the financial outcome of the business, we’re all riding in the same direction. And I think that it’s a great opportunity to have.

What advice would you give someone considering a career at JTC?

Definitely consider JTC. I’ve been with JTC for 12 years and haven’t regretted it at all. I think JTC offers an environment where hard work and effort definitely pays off. It’s a very motivated business and you get out what you put in. All things which, as an employee, I think is wonderful culture. In the South African office, where I spent most of my career so far, the sense of community is incredible. And I would encourage anyone considering an opportunity at JTC to go for it.

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