Regulatory Overview

JTC is a multiple jurisdictional Group with regulated businesses that are subject to a number of regulatory requirements. The Group’s approach to regulation is constantly evolving to ensure it stays up to date on any and all regulatory changes.

The Group operates in diverse regulatory landscapes. Whilst each regulator differs, they all fundamentally require the Group to maintain effective and measurable governance and a sound risk management framework. The Group is required to produce accurate reports and declarations to these regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with applicable licences and to maintain regulatory status.

It is essential that the Group maintains the necessary regulatory capital and liquidity requirements and it is also required to have the appropriate insurance cover in place at all times - Professional Indemnity Insurance for example - commensurate with its business activities.

Regulatory bodies routinely conduct periodic review visits. These are typically ‘Thematic Examinations’ which can be conducted in response to a perceived current or emerging regulatory risk (for example Corporate Governance) and or ‘Event Driven Examinations’ which are those driven by external events - for example online scams and increasing cyber-attacks.

Furthermore the Group is subject to both ongoing independent external assessment reviews and internal evaluations as part of the Group assurance programme.