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Financial Highlights

REVENUE (£M) £0M 2020: £115.1M +28.2%
UNDERLYING EBITDA (£M)* £0M 2020: £38.7M +25.0%
UNDERLYING EBITDA MARGIN (%) 0% 2020: 33.6% -0.8pp
UNDERLYING BASIC EPS (P)** 0 2020: 21.77 +17.4%
NEW BUSINESS WON (£M) £0M 2020: 17.9M +16.8%
LIFETIME VALUE WON (£M)*** £0M 2020: 170.7 +17.6%
FINAL DIVIDEND PER SHARE (P) 0 2020: 6.75 +0.92P
NET DEBT (£M) £0M 2020: (£75.8M) +37.5M

* Items classified as non-underlying are detailed in note 7 of the financial statements. Non-underlying items are defined as specific items of income or expenditure that are not of a continuing operational nature.

** Underlying basic EPS reflects the profit for the year adjusted to remove the impact of non-underlying items, amortisation of acquired intangible assets and associated deferred tax, amortisation of loan arrangement fees and unwinding of net present value discounts.

*** Lifetime Value Won (LVW) is 10 times annualised value of work won minus value of attrition in past year.

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