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Why Are There So Many Funds in the Cayman Islands?

Cayman Islands 3rd Oct 2023
At a free webinar now available to watch online, an expert panel discussed the advantages of Cayman as a fund jurisdiction.

The Cayman Islands are a popular destination for both fund and private clients. At a recent online event that can now be watched for free on JTC’s website, a panel of experts on Cayman fund formation and management discussed how US-based fund managers can benefit from the jurisdiction’s unique advantages and how JTC can provide the services necessary to access those advantages.

The webinar

The event, “Fund Services in Cayman: The Next Step for Growing Funds,” took place on Wednesday, October 11th, 2023, and was attended virtually by viewers from all over the world. Attendees were able to ask questions of the panel, which included a variety of speakers with expertise on the Cayman Islands and its advantages for both institutional and private clients, as well as experts in overseas expansion for US-based funds and the particulars of establishing a fund in this jurisdiction.

Among who spoke and participated in the Q&A were Wouter Plantenga, ICS Head of Group Client Services, JTC Group, who will serve as moderator; Bruce Smith, Senior Director – Fund Services, JTC Group; Michael Halsey, Regional Head – Caribbean – Private Client Services, JTC Group; and Emma Sutherland, Partner, Ogier; and Rafael Benrey, co-CIO, Investment Placement Group.

“We’re excited to help our audience learn about the flexibility and strategic positioning the Cayman Islands can offer,” said moderator Wouter Plantenga. “By bringing together some of the most knowledgeable minds in the business, we can learn from their expertise and help our clients and partners access capital from around the world.”

By watching the webinar, virtual attendees can walk away with an understanding of what makes Cayman unique and how to get to market quickly and efficiently. The panel went in-depth on the various various Cayman fund structures, the jurisdiction’s advantages for funds looking to go global, and how the right service providers can help fund managers maximize the incentives the jurisdiction offers.

Why Cayman

The Cayman Islands have become a major destination for fund clients. What makes Cayman so attractive to so many different types of stakeholders with different goals and needs?

Home to 80% of all new offshore fund formations, the Cayman Islands are a well-established jurisdiction for a variety of fund types, particularly for US-based funds. In fact, 67% of all Cayman-domiciled funds have US investment managers.

As growing US funds look to expand their investor bases and pursue new investment strategies, Cayman-based fund structures can provide access to alternative pools of capital from around the world.

Part of the discussion during the webinar was about determining the best jurisdiction for a fund based on its particular goals, and the unique attributes of Cayman that have made it the jurisdiction of choice for so many funds.

Learning from our expertise

Understanding the particulars of Cayman is important for deciding whether or not a Cayman-based fund structure is the right move for your fund’s goals. That’s why the webinar covered not just the advantages of Cayman, but the types of fund structures available and what the fund formation process looks like.

The panel also discussed what to look for in service providers and specific considerations when choosing to outsource functions like fund administration. Because the panel included representatives from service providers like JTC as well as those from US-based fund managers, viewers were able to hear from both sides of the Cayman investing world and receive a rare view into this jurisdiction and its popularity.

The panel also discussed JTC’s approach to Cayman, in particular its “Liaison Officer Approach” that guides fund managers through the launch process, from selecting a jurisdiction through the fund’s growth and the complete life cycle of the fund, from beginning to end, ensuring our clients get the support they need.

To watch the full webinar and hear insights gained from years of experience in the Cayman Islands, click the link below.

Fund Services in Cayman: The Next Step for Growing Funds

Watch online here!

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