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How Technology Can Improve the Onboarding Process

8th Jun 2022

JTC and are making investor onboarding simpler

At JTC, we pride ourselves on using our award-winning eSTAC technology to improve private equity fund administration. Our purpose-built solutions help our clients be faster, more accurate, and more efficient overall, allowing them to conserve resources and keep investors happy.

JTC’s eSTAC technology is also built to integrate with other industry-leading technologies that address specific needs our clients have, and one of the biggest pain points in fund administration is the investor onboarding process. Historically, investors have filled out paper copies of important forms that were then sent to the fund administrator to be entered into administrative platforms, a process that could be error-prone and confusing for investors.

Getting new investors onboarded quickly and easily could mean the difference in whether or not they choose to work with a fund manager, so finding ways to speed up the process and make it easier for investors could be an incredible value-add for fund managers.

To make the whole thing more efficient, JTC has developed an advanced technical interface that incorporates our fund administration operations with the onboarding technology of, a US-based software-as-a-service company dedicated to streamlining and enhancing private securities sales. offers an integrated virtual data room, distribution management tools, and automated document processing for fund and private equity sponsors, broker-dealers and RIA firms. By utilizing a single system of record, provides a comprehensive solution for integrated sales, due diligence, and compliance documentation.

With the help of, JTC’s client documents will now be digital, with all information uploaded and data transferred electronically. This streamlines the entire process, creating a path for the investor to follow so documents don’t get lost, and once documents are verified, they are sent to all parties for signature automatically, reducing the chance for error while improving speed, accuracy, and efficiency.’s onboarding solution integrates with JTC’s eSTAC platform, allowing investors and fund managers to stay on top of the status of all key documents. By combining two industry-leading solutions, we’re able to provide the best in data security while improving investor relations.

Learn more about JTCs’ Private Equity fund administration technology by downloading our Fund Administration Collateral!

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