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How JTC is Simplifying Escrow for EB-5

8th Mar 2022

With our escrow agent capabilities, we’re now able to offer a comprehensive EB-5 escrow solution.

EB-5 investors have a lot riding on their investments: not only do they have a great deal of capital tied up in these investments, which they hope will generate positive returns so they can reinvest elsewhere, but their visa application status greatly depends on whether these investments are carried out properly. Because of this, it’s extremely important to them that funds be managed in the right way, with comprehensive oversight and a keen eye on compliance.

JTC has a long history of providing escrow administration services to EB-5 clients , whether they’re offering interests directly or through a regional center. Our purpose-built eSTAC technology solution allows our clients to offer 24/7 investor access, document aggregation and a complete audit trail, customizable reports and communications, and a dedicated client services team. Traditionally, these services were offered in conjunction with a separate escrow agent that ultimately controlled the assets in an escrow account.

The need for an independent escrow agent (usually a bank) could lead to problems if the agent lacked the technology or expertise to manage the complexities of the types of escrow structures associated with EB-5 transactions, which can be highly nuanced and require specialized expertise.

Additionally, when the client was dealing with an escrow agent separate from the administrator, they may not know who to get in touch with for specific help or be forced to wait a period of time while the administrator worked out the issues with the escrow agent.

We’re happy to announce that JTC is now able to act as an escrow agent for EB-5 transactions, making these problems a thing of the past. This means that not only can we offer our trusted EB-5 escrow administration solution, but can also act as escrow agent at the same time, providing additional value and an all-in-one solution. By combining these two capabilities, escrow setup will be faster and easier for all types of transactions, especially those for EB-5 clients.

JTC’s escrow agent solution offers the same service and technology our clients have come to expect and rely upon, with individual sub-accounts that can be tracked and monitored through our online portal, real-time account updates, and funds held in separate subaccounts to maximize FDIC insurance coverage and clean audit trails.

By combining JTCs’ EB-5 solution and JTC’s escrow agent powers, we’re simplifying client services, so our clients will always know who to get in touch with and won’t have to wait for the escrow agent to review the request and implement the resolutions. When issuers work with JTC, EB-5 investors can feel confident their funds are being properly managed throughout the investment life cycle that is so crucial to their visa applications.

JTC’s escrow agent capabilities also open up new possibilities for our clients in private equity and real estate. Whether you are seeking subscription escrows for a capital raise or funds held during due diligence, or utilizing a capital returns escrow, we can meet all of your escrow needs.

JTC’s escrow administration solution has been a game-changer for issuers who want to provide the ultimate in transparency for EB-5 investors, and including escrow agent powers only makes our offerings stronger and more efficient. Thanks to these increased capabilities, JTC is now able to meet more of your EB-5 escrow needs in an efficient, knowledgeable, and flexible way so your investors’ funds will be secure and you can get all the information you need, when you need it.

Learn more about out EB-5 solution by downloading out EB-5 Administration Solution Sheet!

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