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EB-5 Product Spotlight: Fund Administration Solution

28th Jun 2018

At JTC, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive administration of funds and documentation throughout the entire EB-5 project life cycle, without gaps, from the marketing and capital raise all the way through return of investment (including redeployment solutions, where applicable). Within this offering, our Fund Administration Solution is purpose-built and streamlined to track the flow of funds through the EB-5 project — increasing oversight, safeguarding investors, and simplifying reporting and regulatory compliance.

This week, we had the opportunity to chat with JTC customer and Managing Partner at EB5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN), Sam Silverman about his experience using the JTC Fund Administration Solution. Sam is a an award-winning EB-5 consulting firm with extensive experience structuring and sponsoring EB-5 projects.

Sam, thanks very much for speaking with us. Could you tell us about EB5 Affiliate Network and the services they provide?

Sure. We started building EB5AN about five years ago, and we now have a network of regional centers that covers 27 full states, plus Washington, D.C. Within these areas — over half the country now — we work with clients to provide regional center project sponsorship. If a client wants to own their own regional center license, we can help set up a new regional center. But if they don’t want to wait for approval, they can pay us a small fee to join our license and then start signing up EB-5 investors the next day. There’s no delay.

We also work with issuers to prepare project and investor documentation. And for projects that we really like, we take them to market to subscribe investors to invest their capital into those specific projects.

At a high level, whenever you do an EB-5 project, there are three components: the regional center license, the project documents, and the EB-5 investors. Those are the three elements that are required to make an EB-5 deal work. We’re kind of the only company that does all three and is truly vertically integrated. 

What has your experience been like using the Fund Administration Solution, in particular?

A: For us, one very valuable thing about the Fund Administration Solution is that it’s a clear demonstration of third-party oversight to investors. And because JTC Americas is a recognizable name, an industry leader, it builds trust and helps with our marketing of the projects.

On the investors’ side, having their own login portal where they can see the exact status of their capital account and how their capital is growing — and where they also have easy access to all of their project-related documents and their immigration status — having all of that in one location is important to them. 

This visibility is great for us on the back end, as well. Because the JTC portal provides a high-level view of funding across all projects that is accessible in real time, it serves as a value-add dashboard for our internal fund management process. And the built-in reporting and tracking of the Fund Administration Solution helps with our annual accounting, when we have to total up the capital accounts and issue checks — it’s very helpful in preparing our tax filings and investor calculations. 

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