Jersey First for Finance & Cleantech

Published 11 May 2015

By Nigel Le Quesne

Nigel Le Quesne, Group CEO & Chairman recognises the power of the cleantech sector and the drivers for growth in the publication 'Jersey First for Finance'.

The reasons why this sector is growing are various but include greater global harmonisation both politically and culturally on the socio-economic benefits of cleantech energy – such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and the Kyoto Protocol, towards reducing emissions by 2050 – with governments, institutional investors and corporates all now focusing on what cleantech can offer.

Another factor is the importance of technology in supporting and growing cleantech. Technological change is accelerating progress, leading to greater commercial viability for solutions within the clean energy arena.

The sector’s future potential looks bright too. Analysts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecast that $5 trillion of an estimated $7.7 trillion of global energy investment could be spent on renewables by 2030.Moreover, it is estimated that this will encompass both large scale projects and life-changing access to residential-scale power for the world’s poorest communities.

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