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Alternative Investment Funds and pre-marketing in Europe: A Practical Option for Asset Managers focusing on US investments?

3rd Oct 2022
With the war between Ukraine and Russia still in full swing, European professional investors remain skittish and undecided about continuing to invest their capital in Europe.

The main European stock exchanges are falling, with several suffering in the face of fears of an economic recession and disjointed measures to combat consumer price index increases across Europe.

US assets and debt

Despite a weakened US market, US listed stocks and private equity investments remain privileged against European financial markets, as inflation is less sustainable in the medium term in the US.

The monetary tightening from the Federal Reserve has been faster and stronger in its response than in Europe, while the US, as a major energy producer does not suffer from the same dependence on Russian energy dependence when compared to Europe.

While the US market seems more stable than the European Union market, it is worth noting that the increase in the debt ratio of American households, whose savings are dissipating in order to continue overconsumption, leads to a risk of economic crisis in the medium-term.

Are these indicators not an opportunity for American asset managers, or asset managers with a strategy focusing on American investments, to test the enthusiasm of European professional investors to relocate their capital outside Europe during this turbulent period?

Pre-marketing for alternative investment funds

For asset managers not yet established in Europe, pre-marketing, as defined in the European Parliament Directive 2019/1160, is a regulated activity in Europe that offers asset managers, wishing to perform cross-border distribution or to launch a European investment fund, the opportunity to test investors’ appetite for their strategies at a limited cost, provided that they are facilitated by an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM).

JTC offers its pre-marketing solutions through its European AIFMs in Ireland and Luxembourg, assisting asset managers in all the steps to start pre-marketing their investment strategies through a choice of locations.


To find out more, please get in touch with Louis Lamotte, Managing Director of JTC Global AIFM Solutions S.A., based in Luxembourg, who will be delighted to discuss the available opportunities. Or you can visit our dedicated AIFMD service page here.