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Our experts are acutely aware of the growing importance of philanthropy as part of a holistic private wealth management strategy. Through our finely tuned services, we assist in the establishment and ongoing administration of bespoke structures that can ensure philanthropic goals and a desired legacy can be achieved.

Our approach to philanthropy is all about combining your philanthropic objectives with your wider succession planning vision. By doing this, your family’s charitable activities are aligned across generations, which in turn helps your family to effortlessly support the causes on which it is focussed.

“JTC’s in-house experience and expertise lends itself to effectively establishing and administering philathropic structures. We understand exactly what it is all about and offer tailored, efficient structures, using foundations and charities as appropriate.”

What We Do

JTC understands that philanthropy is an increasingly important part of private wealth management strategy. Our specialised fiduciary services ensure philanthropic goals are achieved, in addition to estate and succession planning objectives.


We have considerable experience in helping our clients ensure their philanthropic investments are effectively managed, which is especially important given the nuances of charity-related financial administration. Using our experience and our network of trusted partners, we can help guide you towards the ideal investment strategies, related reporting and administration. As appropriate, we can also work with you to adapt your financial decision-making to complement your philanthropic strategy.

Structuring is a core JTC strength and we can advise on, implement and administer the optimal structures for your charitable endeavours. Where necessary, we will draw upon our multi-jurisdictional network and expertise in cross-border planning, including working in partnership with trusted external legal and tax advisors.

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Emilio Miguel
Regional Head - Latin America - Private Client Services Miami
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Paul Weir
Regional Head - British Crown Dependencies - Private Client Services Jersey
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Michael Halsey
Regional Head - Caribbean - Private Client Services Cayman Islands
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Matthias Belz
Managing Director - Switzerland & Regional Head - Continental Europe Switzerland


JTC is an international organisation with global reach and true cross-border capability. Our philanthropy services are directly supported from the following offices:


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