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Treasury Services

JTC Treasury Services offers a transparent, proactively managed range of cash management, foreign exchange and lending services, supported by the expertise of our dedicated team of experienced market professionals.

By using JTC’s buying power, we negotiate highly competitive interest rates, foreign exchange pricing and lending rates, which ultimately means a better deal for clients.

“The combination of JTC’s in-house technical expertise, innovation and commitment to client service make for a compelling proposition to those seeking treasury services.”

What We Do

Using the institutional standing of JTC, we work with a number of carefully selected banks to provide our clients with a range of cash management solutions. These solutions allow clients to take advantage of some or all of the following benefits:

  • Better interest rates than generally offered on comparable banking arrangements
  • No-notice access to money held on deposit
  • Diversification of bank risk, without the cost of maintaining multiple bank relationships
  • Interest accrued daily and paid quarterly
  • Lower bank account maintenance and associated bookkeeping costs
  • A dedicated and experienced treasury team led by our Group Head of Treasury for 16+ years

These solutions are available in Sterling and US Dollars.



JTC offers three cash management solutions:

  • JTC Diversified Treasury Account
  • JTC Tailored Treasury Account
  • JTC Standard Treasury Account


There are compelling arguments for diversifying bank risk; however opening and maintaining multiple banking relationships is expensive, and satisfying banks’ increasingly complex due diligence requirements time consuming.

JTC’s Diversified Treasury Account overcomes this by combining clients’ monies into a dedicated JTC client pool which is then apportioned across a carefully selected range of banking institutions regulated in the Channel Islands. The effect is:

  • Reduced exposure to the risk of bank failure
  • Enhanced yield while retaining no notice access to monies placed
  • Lowered costs through automated bookkeeping of banking transactions and more efficient bank relationship management


The Diversified Treasury Account is designed to meet most clients’ needs. However for some, a more bespoke approach may be necessary. The Tailored Account offers similar benefits to the Diversified Account, although differs in that:

  • Client monies are not pooled with other JTC clients’ monies
  • There is a choice of Channel Islands or London banks, or a combination of the two
  • Liquidity requirements can be carefully matched to a client’s precise requirements

As the Tailored Account is individual to each client’s needs, there is generally a minimum initial and continuing balance requirement of £20 million (or the currency equivalent).


The Standard Treasury Account offers a potentially enhanced return by pooling client monies, although without the diversification that the Diversified Treasury Account provides. In the Standard Treasury Account, all of the monies are placed with one bank.

This solution is better able to meet the banking requirements of clients with higher risk characteristics who may not qualify for the Diversified Treasury Account.



JTC is an international organisation with global reach and true cross border capability. Our Treasury services are directly supported from the following offices:


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