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Banking and Treasury Services

At JTC our dedicated Banking and Treasury team offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including proactively managed cash management, foreign exchange, and lending services. With a team of over 25 experienced professionals, comprising 20 members specialising in Banking and 6 in Treasury, we bring a wealth of expertise to meet your financial needs.

With over 271 combined years of experience, our Banking and Treasury team leverages JTC’s buying power to negotiate highly competitive interest rates, foreign exchange pricing, and lending rates. This allows us to secure better deals for our clients.

Our unique proposition of JTC in-house technical expertise, commitment to innovation, and unwavering dedication to exceptional client service is a winning combination that makes us the ideal choice for our clients banking and treasury requirements.

“The combination of JTC’s in-house technical expertise, innovation and commitment to client service make for a compelling proposition to those seeking treasury services.”

What We Do

Using JTC’s institutional standing, we collaborate with carefully selected banks to provide a diverse range of cash management solutions to our clients. These solutions offer a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Better interest rates compared to standard banking arrangements
  • No-notice access to funds held on deposit
  • Diversification of bank risk without the need for multiple bank relationships
  • Daily interest accrual with quarterly payments
  • Operational solutions utilising innovative alternative banking and FinTech partners
  • A dedicated and experienced treasury team led by our Group Head of Banking and Treasury
  • Access to competitive Fixed Deposit and Notice account solutions
  • Competitive pricing for Foreign Exchange services

Our solutions cover a wide range of currencies, ensuring flexibility and global reach.


At JTC we offer three distinct cash management solutions:


The Standard Treasury Account aims to provide potentially enhanced returns by pooling client funds. However, it does not offer the diversification provided by the Diversified Treasury Account. In this account, all funds are placed with a single bank. It is particularly suitable for clients with higher risk profiles who may not qualify for the Diversified Treasury Account.



Diversifying bank risk is crucial, but maintaining multiple banking relationships can be expensive and time-consuming. Our Diversified Treasury Account addresses this challenge by combining client funds into a dedicated JTC client pool. These funds are then allocated across carefully selected banking institutions regulated in the Channel Islands. The advantages include:

  • Reduced exposure to the risk of bank failure
  • Enhanced yield while retaining no-notice access to funds
  • Lowered costs through centralised bank account management for more effective relationship management


While the Diversified Treasury Account suits most clients, some may require a more bespoke approach. The Tailored Treasury Account offers similar benefits to the Diversified Account, with the following distinctions:

  • Client funds are not pooled with other JTC clients’ funds
  • Clients can choose between Channel Islands or London banks, or a combination of both
  • Liquidity requirements can be precisely tailored to meet specific client needs

As the Tailored Account is customised for each client, it generally requires a minimum initial and continuing balance of £20 million or currency equivalent.

JTC also offers extensive solutions in banking related offerings in:


Administering investors’ funds through the EB-5 process and producing the required reports and statements, while maintaining compliance with evolving rules, is a top priority for Regional Centres, developers, and immigration attorneys alike. The highly specific immigration processes, defined time-based milestones, and financial audit trail documentation required in the EB-5 process are extremely specialized, compared to traditional investment funds. JTC is the only company that has developed a purpose-built solution for fund administration specific to the EB-5 industry.

Our EB-5 Administration Solution provides automated workflows, real-time dashboards, and broad reporting functionality so that you can streamline the EB-5 process and offer the security that builds investor trust.


1031 Exchanges

As a trusted partner, we help our clients take the important step of selecting the best Qualified Intermediary for 1031 Exchanges.

At JTC, we have established an industry-leading track record as a 1031 Qualified Intermediary, with more than 30 years’ experience and tens of thousands of successful 1031 exchange transactions.

This is due, in part, to our in-house expertise. Members of our legal and client services team have decades of experience handling 1031 exchanges.

Our client services team is also supported by our award-winning, cloud-based platform, eSTAC®, which we built from the ground up to maximize transaction security and transparency.



As an independent escrow agent, JTC is able to successfully mitigate risk and deliver a complete range of escrow services to public and private companies.

Our escrow services team is experienced in delivering flexible solutions for a wide range of transactions and will ensure negotiations close quickly, accurately and securely. We have the expertise to administer all types of escrow agreements, regardless of complexity, whilst we are able to negotiate preferential interest rates on deposits by working closely with a panel of world leading banks.

At JTC we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional banking and treasury services. Contact us today to explore how our solutions can meet your financial objectives effectively and efficiently.


JTC is an international organisation with global reach and true cross border capability. Our treasury services are directly supported from the following offices:


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