Cash Management

Our Cash Management Service is designed for you to enjoy the benefits of an institutional status through JTC’s relationship with a carefully selected group of international banks.

  • Our service allows you to benefit from having your cash assets held in a portfolio designed to diversify depositor risk and attract an enhanced yield while managing liquidity requirements.
  • Counterparty risk is actively monitored in accordance with strict criteria in conjunction with information provided by an independent third party.
  • We continually assess the interest rates available to us and treat diversification as a priority.
  • We offer a range of services to meet the needs of both institutional and private clients.


Pooled Cash Management

By assimilating client funds into a dedicated ‘pool’, we can use the consolidated deposit to obtain the most competitive bank rates.

We offer three variations, each with its own benefits and available in Sterling, US Dollars and Euros.

Fixed series

  • Typically offers the highest rates.
  • Withdrawals are available on fixed dates as agreed in advance.

Notice series

  • Rates typically higher than Liquid series.
  • Withdrawals are available subject to prior notice asagreed in advance.

Liquid series

  • Instant access if instructions received before the relevant daily cut-off time.



We can build a unique, fully customised cash portfolio for you, based solely on your specific circumstances and objectives. The nature of this service means that we manage your cash independently of anyone else’s.

Bespoke Cash Management is typically carried out on a segregated basis, where your own individual account with its own specifications and terms is used. We can, however, also create a dedicated pooled account based on your requirements. This service is popular with institutional clients wishing to pool their different clients’ cash to maximise yield, but also serves as an ideal means of diversification across different banks and notice periods for any large client.

With a £5million minimum, this service is available in any freely traded currency with withdrawals available subject to agreed terms.



Case studies in Sterling, US Dollars and Euros are available to illustrate the higher returns available through the JTC Cash Management Service. These are available on request.