Marine & Aviation Services

Our Marine & Aviation services team has a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in dealing with a wide variety of structures and transactions across the aviation, yachting, shipping and offshore supply industries.

The ownership of these highly valued assets can lead to complex arrangements involving specialised administration. JTC's team has extensive experience in efficiently managing the many corporate and fiscal responsibilities which vessels and aircraft are required to meet, while ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory matters.

We recognise the importance of service excellence and accurate reporting to our clients. Our experienced team has fine-tuned its approach to deliver a service that instils confidence and comfort.

Commercial yacht charter structures

Establishing and managing commercially operating yacht charter structures to enable private yachts to charter to third parties, provide returns on the capital required for day-to-day operations and facilitate tax-efficient ownership.

Private yacht ownership structures

Establishing and managing yacht ownership structures for non-EU resident owners who wish to operate their yachts under the EU’s temporary admission regulations.

Corporate structuring for the sale and acquisition of vessels and aircraft

Providing the full spectrum of ownership vehicles and registrations across multiple jurisdictions for vessels and aircraft. We are able to cater for any sale or purchase transaction.

Shipping and offshore supply services

Acting for both owners and banks to assist with the provision of practical strategies and implementation of the offshore corporate arrangements required in this specialised field.

We work closely with our clients and their advisors to ensure strong corporate and vessel governance and maintain strong relationships with commercial and technical ship managers.

Payroll services

Providing payroll services for seafarers worldwide and implementing tax-efficient solutions, supported by dedicated expertise from the maritime and payroll sectors.

Through our partnership with a non-EU, independent provider of bespoke payment services, we have been able to achieve a comprehensive and cost-efficient payroll offering that is fully automated and offers a multicurrency payment facility. In addition, we can provide access to competitive foreign exchange, multicurrency banking and card facilities.

Accounting and reporting services

Providing specialised accounting, reporting and fiscal control frameworks for vessel and aircraft owners.

Commercial and private aircraft importation and leasing arrangements

Establishing and managing commercial and private operations structured for large and small aircraft requiring importation into free circulation via both the UK and the Isle of Man, as well as providing a range of aircraft lease / charter arrangements.

Vessel registration

Facilitating vessel registration in all Red Ensign jurisdictions and a variety of other offshore locations.

We have a full understanding of all procedures and documentation requirements in all Red Ensign jurisdictions and internationally credible ‘open registries’.

Support in respect of all domestic legislation affecting yachts in all jurisdictions

Combining our team’s experience with an international network of agents and advisors to ensure global support for yacht owners and their captains in all of the world’s popular and many of the more obscure, cruising destinations.

Employment structures for yacht crew

Providing support with seafarer employment agreements and their compliance with both flag state and Maritime Labour Convention requirements.

Malta lease arrangements for yachts

Providing VAT-efficient ownership structuring under Malta lease arrangements.

VAT importations into the EU for yachts

Facilitating importation into free circulation for non-VAT paid yachts needing to account for VAT using EU customs procedure codes.

International retirement benefit plans

Assisting employers to achieve the key goals of a meaningful and effective human resource strategy for their employees and executives.

We are able to provide employee benefit structures, administration services and offer effective means of communication to ensure employees get maximum value from the plans that organisations put in place.

We develop employee benefit strategies for internationally mobile employees and third country nationals to ensure that benefits for these employees are comparable and consistent with the overall benefit strategy of the parent corporation.

Our Proteus Global Savings Plan provides a practical solution to these needs in a manner that meets the expectations and requirements of both employers and employees.

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