Citizenship-and-Residency-by-Investment Solutions

At JTC we understand the evolving needs of our clients and their families in our globalized and ever-connected world. To ensure we provide the most complete wealth management service possible to our private clients, we now offer the highest quality citizenship-by-investment and residency-by-investment solutions available in the marketplace.

There are many reasons why a second passport or alternate residency status are practical and effective solutions for high net worth individuals. To many, an alternative passport is considered the best insurance money can buy in an ever-more volatile world. For others, the increased mobility afforded saves time-consuming visa applications and delays in travel arrangements. These solutions can also provide invaluable opportunities to an entire family, ranging from educational and working opportunities abroad to tax and succession planning. Above all, these programs offer the chance to improve our clients' and their families’ quality of life through careful consideration of their priorities.

Our citizenship-by-investment and residency-by-investment services are offered in partnership with the industry leaders, Henley & Partners.

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Residency Programs

Citizenship Programs