Vincent Goy

Chairman - JTC Signes Services S.A.

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Vincent joined JTC Signes as Chairman in 2015 following the JTC acquisition of Signes S.A. He was a founding partner and Chairman at Signes S.A. and remains a member of the General Partner of the private equity firm Europe Capital Partners.

Vincent has more than two decades of experience in the supervision, management and administration of investment vehicles for the private equity, venture capital and real estate industry.  Additionally, he is also responsible for fostering investors’ relationships for private equity entities and is a member of the board of directors / managers of a number of financial, industrial and commercial private companies.




Diploma from Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion Luxembourg

In their spare time

Vincent finds himself spending time with his wonderful family and friends and has also been through thick and thin as a long-time supporter of his local basketball team, T71 Dudelange. He also shares a passion for cooking fine foods and travelling the world with his loved ones.