Eric Biren

Managing Director - JTC Signes S.à r.l.

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Eric joined JTC Signes as Managing Director in 2015 following the JTC acquisition of Signes S.à r.l.

He was a founding partner of Signes which was established in 1999 and, prior to this, worked at Arthur Andersen Luxembourg (now Ernst & Young) where he had managing responsibility for the Contract Financing and Accounting Department – a service line specialising in outsourcing accounting and tax compliance of large multinational companies.

Over his career, Eric has had significant experience assisting major foreign investors and fund promoters setting up business activities in Luxembourg, especially in the real estate, venture capital and securitisation sectors. He is also expert in the application of GAAP, IFRS, VAT, Luxembourg tax compliance and commercial company law reporting standards.  Eric is a member of the Board of Directors / Managers of a number of Luxembourg private equity and real estate companies.




Diploma from Ecole Superieure Economique of Jemeppe sur Meuse, Belgium, Licence in Sciences Economiques of Grenoble, France, Qualified Luxembourg “Expert-Comptable”

In their spare time

Eric enjoys spending time with his family and is a keen runner.