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Netherlands Complaints Handling Procedure

New Amsterdam Cititrust B.V. (“NACT”) aims to provide a high standard of services to its clients. However, in case you are dissatisfied with the services received, the following complaint handling procedure applies.

1 Definitions

In this complaints handling procedure the following definitions apply:

  • Complaint: any written expression of dissatisfaction of or on behalf of the client towards New Amsterdam Cititrust or the persons working under its responsibility regarding the performance under a professional services agreement, the quality of the services or the amount invoiced for the services;
  • Complainant: the client or his/her/its representative filling a complaint;
  • Complaints officer: the designated officer within New Amsterdam Cititrust entrusted with the handling of the complaint.
  • Client: any person taking services from NACT.

2 Scope of applications

2.1 This complaints handling procedure is applicable to all professional services agreements between New Amsterdam Cititrust B.V. and the client.

2.2 All employees of New Amsterdam Cititrust B.V. shall ensure that any complaints will be handled in accordance with the complaints handling procedure.

3 Information

3.1 At the time of entering into the professional services agreement, the employee(s) of NACT shall point out to the client that New Amsterdam Cititrust applies a complaints handling procedure, that is applicable to the services rendered.
3.2 In case of disputes New Amsterdam Cititrust may decide to appoint an independent party or authority to which an unresolved complaint may be submitted in order to obtain a binding decision.

4 Internal complaints handling procedure

4.1 If a complaint is filed with New Amsterdam Cititrust, the complaint shall be forwarded to Mr. S Bowen, who is designated as complaints officer. In the absence of Mr. S Bowen, the compliance officer of New Amsterdam Cititrust designates an alternate complaints officer.
4.2 The complaints officer shall send an acknowledgement of receipt to the Complainant.
4.3 The complaints officer shall notify the person who is the subject of the complaint of the fact that the complaint has been filed, and shall enable the Complainant and the person who is the subject of the complaint to express their views on the complaints.
4.4 The person who is the subject of the complaint will study the complaint and shall try to reach a solution together with the client, after intervention of the complaints officer or otherwise.
4.5 The complaints officer shall handle the complaint within four weeks after receipt of the complaint or shall notify the Complainant of deviation from this period, with motivation, starting the deadline for reaching a decision on the complaint.
4.6 The complaints officer shall inform the Complainant and the person who is the subject of the complaint in writing regarding the validity of the complaint, accompanied by recommendations or otherwise.
4.7 If the complaint has been handled satisfactorily, the Complainant, the complaints officer and the person who is the subject of the complaint shall sign the decision on the validity of the complaint.

5 Non-disclosure and free handling of the complaint

5.1 The complaints officer and the person who is the subject of the complaint shall observe confidentiality regarding the handling of the complaint.
5.2 The Complainant does not owe any fee for the handling of the complaint.

6 Responsibilities

6.1 The complaints officer is responsible for a careful handling of the complaint.
6.2 The person who is the subject of the complaint shall keep the complaints officer informed regarding any contact and a possible solution.
6.3 The complaints officer shall keep the Complainant informed regarding the handling of the complaint.
6.4 The complaints officer shall keep the complaint file up to date.

7 Complaint registration

7.1 The complaints officer shall register the complaint including its subject matter.
7.2 A complaint may be subdivided into several subjects.
7.3 The complaints officer shall report periodically on the handling of complaints, and shall make recommendations in order to prevent any new complaints and to improve procedures.
7.4 At least once per year, the reports and recommendations shall be discussed at the office and submitted to a decision.


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