UK Funds and Corporate Services

JTC opened an office in London in 2001, the leading finance centre in Europe and one of the top-tier international financial centres in the world.

JTC UK offers a professional team of experts who specialise in accounting, company secretarial, taxation and payroll services. Our team is multi-lingual with a vast experience and understanding of corporate and fund structuring within Europe. This enables us to service effectively the private and listed fund community as well as a wide range of corporate clients. Increasingly we are supporting international clients looking to acquire assets or trade in the UK. 

We provide a full range of corporate and fund services to help our local and international clients comply with local legislation, reduce risk, control costs and simplify operations. We offer our clients the requisite expertise to keep their UK operations up-to-date with the continuous changes in legislation, systems and markets.

Our London office focuses on the incorporation, domiciliation, administration and accounting of funds including UCITs, NURS’, PAIFs and REITs as well as other UK corporate structures and SPVs. 

Reasons to choose UK as your domicile

  • The UK offers a stable legal environment and one of the world’s prime financial markets, an ideal location for new and existing businesses. In addition, the UK government has set a goal of reducing the burden of regulation and tax on businesses. The recent reductions in corporate tax and the introduction of new tax efficient structures, makes the UK an attractive jurisdiction for tax planning and establishing investment structures.  
  • Ranked highly for ease of doing business*, the advantages for establishing and running a business in the UK are abundant and include; solid regulatory regime, legal certainty, large pool of professional talent and tax advantages. 

JTC is here to support our clients who are looking to:

  • Open new operations in the UK (funds, companies, managed accounts and trusts)
  • Expand their existing UK presence 
  • Structure through the UK for efficient tax planning
  • Capitalise through the structured finance markets using English law
  • Outsource part of their in-house administration and accounting (back office/middle office) 
  • Benefit from local experts in times of change 

UK Services

Incorporation and set-up 

  • Co-ordination with advisors (banks, notary, lawyers, tax advisors).
  • Liaising with external parties to ensure the correct implementation of structuring advice.
  • Preparation of standard articles of association and co-ordination with notary.
  • Risk and compliance support.

Corporate domiciliation

  • Provision of registered office.
  • Company secretariat.
  • Corporate services.
  • Provision of office space and information technology support.

Fund administration (regulated and non regulated entities)

  • NAV calculations and fund administration.
  • Accounting and valuation services.
  • Registrar and transfer agency services.
  • Investor relations.
  • Regulatory communications.

Accounting and financial reporting

  • Statutory bookkeeping and accounting under UK and other GAAPs and IFRS.
  • Limited partnerships carried interest calculations.
  • Periodic management reporting.
  • Consolidated reporting.
  • Interim financial reporting on demand.
  • Co-ordination of audit process.
  • Annual accounts.

Tax Compliance 

  • Corporation tax returns.
  • VAT registration.
  • VAT returns.

AIFMD Services

  • Independent Management Company. 
  • AIFMD Reporting.
  • Risk Management. 
  • Depositary. 

Payroll and HR Services

  • Compliance with local regulatory needs.
  • Work permit applications and management.
  • Visa and immigration management.
  • On-boarding new staff.
  • Re-location consulting.
  • HR advisory and support.
  • Payroll processing.