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“Everything was managed seamlessly.”

Name: Abigail Rene Solomon
Title: Senior Administrator: Corporate Solutions
Where do you live: Cape Town
Where in JTC Group you headed off to: Jersey

What was the opportunity?

To travel to Jersey and spend three months supporting the Fund Administration team there with their work.  Additionally, as I had recently taken on the responsibility of working on some client portfolios previously managed by the Jersey team, I was also able to learn and understand first hand more about the structures. 

How did JTC support you in all of this?

Nothing was a problem from start to finish – even in spite of the fact that I didn’t have a passport as I had never left South Africa before and, all in all, it was just six weeks before I was touching down on an island I knew little about – apart from the fact it had beautiful cows!  Everything was managed seamlessly. I lived in an apartment with a harbour view, was given a subsistence allowance because of the exchange rate and of course enjoyed my first international flight.

Also, which was crucial to me, I wasn’t thrown in at the deep end. My first few days in the role were about meeting people, understanding their expectations and getting settled in.  And then we got to work!

How did your family and friends feel about the move?

My mother saw it as a great opportunity to see new horizons and was very proud of me for having the courage to go. And whilst it was hard to leave my fiancé (now husband) behind, we both saw it as a worthwhile sacrifice and I went with his blessing as he knew just how important my professional development was to me. The time apart really cemented our feelings for each other and we were married shortly after my return to Cape Town.

What were your lessons learnt along the way?

Such opportunities really are a privilege and I was determined to work hard and make a valued contribution but I also learnt the importance of having the confidence to kick back and have some fun.

What was the highlight?

Really it was all about working with the Jersey team from all levels of seniority and it was more than just putting faces to the names I had seen on emails – I got to find out about their families, what made them laugh, the names of their dogs etc. I also gained a sense of the ‘bigger picture’ of the Group and understood the value of ‘Team’ JTC.

Any downside?

No complaints on the work front but I am a very inexperienced traveller and wish I could have used the time away from SA to see more a bit more of France and the UK. Also the fact that I cannot find a bottle of Spanish Rioja in Cape Town will continue to haunt me!

Why do you think the international experience that Gateway offers is important?

Meeting people who you deal with on an hour to hour basis but never actually get to see, having one-on-one training and understanding what makes them tick is an amazing way to learn. Very few employees get the chance to experience that and I was unbelievably lucky.  I made some great friends and took wonderful memories back with me.

Abigail Rene Solomon

Abigail Rene Solomon

Senior Administrator: Corporate Solutions

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