Crypto Funds

JTC’s strong track record in operating at the leading edge of alternative asset classes continues with its innovative and market-leading capabilities in the emerging sphere of crypto. 

Following the conception of Bitcoin in 2008 and its subsequent development, a flourishing ‘crypto’ eco-system has developed utilising Bitcoin’s underlying technology – the blockchain.  This eco-system challenges traditional concepts of currency and capital as well as the mechanics and expectations surrounding the attribution of value.  As governments, regulators and taxation authorities around the world work to confirm their respective treatments of cryptocurrencies and tokens, the market offering continues to develop apace with significant and growing interest in cryptocurrencies as an emerging asset class. The current landscape of traders, exchanges, asset managers and crypto-developers is seeking disruptively to turn established concepts and behaviours entirely on their heads.

JTC’s global crypto team comprises highly skilled and dedicated staff members at all levels of seniority across several jurisdictions. The team not only monitors developments in this fast moving area, but actively engages with key players in the crypto community to conceive and provide a wide range of administrative and accounting service solutions. JTC is investing significantly in its crypto team, both in terms of technology and talent. 

Crypto Fund Services:

We provide the full range of fund services to the crypto industry, covering all fund types and the full regulatory spectrum:

  • Fund establishment
  • Fund administration
  • Fund listing
  • Fund accounting
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Shareholder registration and dealing
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring

JTC’s crypto portfolio valuation system is market leading, offering our clients a valuation system for crypto products via multiple exchanges taking live pricing and the ability to trade on a T0 basis.

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