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Gateway Testimonial – Shradhanjali Mayputh-Yed-Tholsiah

Name: Shradhanjali Mayputh-Yed-Tholsiah (commonly known as Anjali!)
Title: Manager – Group Finance

“Gateway builds confidence. I have learnt so much about myself and my strengths as part of this journey.”

Where did Gateway take you?

From Mauritius to Jersey.

What was the opportunity?

After JTC’s acquisition of Minerva was completed in late 2018, I was asked if I could assist with the data system migration for the Minerva Mauritius office and also with other departmental migration / integration projects. I felt very honoured to be chosen for this task and was delighted to be with the team at JTC House for just under six months.

How did JTC support you?

Once I had said ‘yes please’ to the opportunity, I was really helped out with the detail from the HR function in both jurisdictions as well as key senior management providing valued hands-on support in undertaking and finalising all the administrative and legal formalities. Everyone was hugely encouraging from the off and gave me the confidence to embrace this new chapter.

How did your family and friends feel about the move?

Mixed emotions understandably.

They were happy for me as they could see this as an opportunity truly not to be missed, that I would be learning new ways of doing things and that it’d be a whole new experience for me in terms of the life we have in Mauritius. And six months seemed like such a long time so there was sadness – especially from my ten year old daughter. We have a very close relationship and this would be the longest I would have been away from her for.

What were the lessons learnt along the way?

A lot! Personally I had a bit of a culture shock when first arriving with the variations between food, dress styles and even the size of the island compared to Mauritius.
From a work perspective, essentially because the main focus on my secondment was the data migration from one platform to another, there were a number of quick wins and naturally some moments of frustration. But we were all working towards a common goal of integration of the business and quickly found the best way to get over the hurdles was to be open in our dialogue and communication and respectful of each other’s views, knowledge and experience. We shared details in terms of how and why we do things differently and also how we could consolidate on these to work better with the JTC way. Win win all round.

What was the big highlight?

Again, there are so many.
The beautiful island of Jersey and the people at JTC. They were all very friendly and so, quite quickly, I felt an almost ‘home from home’ sense of belonging. Sharing of details, both professionally and personally, came about very easily.
At the office, it was also brilliant to be able to put faces to the names of people I had been corresponding with from 9700kms away. Some of my new friends were also kind enough to take me out and about to help with getting my bearings and showcase just how lovely the island is in the summer. The team JTC spirit was very evident everywhere and I was made to feel more than welcome which helped with the initial homesickness and being away from my family.
And also during my time here, I was able to go on holiday break to France/London via the ferry which was a first for me.

Any downside?

I am definitely not a winter person so was clearly dreading the drop in the temperature! In Mauritius we are lucky to have eight hours of brilliant sunshine every day.
I also missed some those Mauritian Public Holidays (we have 15 in total!), the festivals and food. My family, friends and colleagues thought they were being helpful in sending regular updates and photos to my social media but they kind of reminded me of what I was missing. However I focussed on what I was gaining in terms of the experience. Plus I learned so much about Jersey.

What do you think an initiative like Gateway is important?

It builds confidence. I have learnt so much about myself and my strengths as part of this journey. I was clearly projected into a whole new world, completely out of my comfort zone and took on the responsibility of being the link between the two jurisdictions. I got to experience a lot of new things, be part of a new culture, to build up on what I already knew and to consolidate my learnings to work smarter, to manage relationships better and understand the JTC way of doing things. All things that I would be able to take home with me and share with colleagues. Equally, I was also proud to showcase the strengths, the personalities and team spirit of everyone at home in the Mauritius office.

I clearly believe that an initiative like Gateway is very important as it does builds upon on one’s personal and professional development and I can’t recommend it enough.

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