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Name: Imran Khan
Title: Managing Director – JTC Luxembourg
When did you join JTC? I joined JTC Ireland in May 2020 and prior to Dublin and now Luxembourg, I’ve also worked in Singapore.


“The Gateway programme is essential in supporting the global professional experience needs and ambitions of our people.”


What was the opportunity, and why was it appealing to you?

I had the opportunity to lead a fast-growing funds practice in Luxembourg, which I found very exciting. In this jurisdiction, JTC is able to provide AIFM, Fund Admin, Depositary and Corporate Services to a wide range of clients and, with an exceptional team and focused service excellence, we’re well on the way to building a long-term sustainable business and challenging the industry incumbents here.

How supportive was JTC during your transition?

JTC’s Management and HR teams, both at Group and in country, were extremely helpful and accommodating. With their knowledgeable and collaboration, I was able to meet the challenges associated with a cross border move and I found their insights useful in planning the transition. This was accomplished of course in the backdrop of the ongoing global pandemic, with everyone working from home and the move itself was executed in a very short travel window between Ireland and Luxembourg.

What is the No. 1 thing to see/do in your new jurisdiction?

Luxembourg is one of the most multicultural cities in Europe. The Grand Duchy, as it is fondly called, is the capital and seat of many European institutions. It is very green, with walking trails, bike paths and playgrounds all over the place. Walking in the city center, traditional European architecture can be seen to co-exist with modern tall glass buildings. It is also a cultural city, with UNESCO World Heritage monuments and numerous historical and contemporary museums.

For the Khan family, the very first thing to do once we had unpacked, unboxed and settled in was to visit the Grand Ducal Palace – the town residence of the Grand Duke. It is a beautiful building, in the heart of Luxembourg city center and surrounded by some terrific restaurants and cafes.

For anyone planning a trip, there is some useful information available .

 How did your family and friends feel about the move?

Everyone we spoke with was super excited about our new chapter in Luxembourg. As I mentioned earlier, there is so much to see and do here, that we are expecting a near constant stream of visitors over the new few months (subject to travel restrictions being lifted of course!). Also, as we had lived here previously, our friends in Luxembourg were looking forward to welcoming us back.

What lessons did you learn from this experience?

The experience of moving was not new as we had done that a few times by now – though managing the various moving parts with the pandemic related restrictions was definitely a learning curve. Flight schedules, insurance, accommodation, monitoring restrictions, quarantine schedules, good transport etc all required careful and considered attention. I was grateful to have the dedicated support of JTC colleagues as well as a very understanding family, both instrumental in making this happen.

What has been the big highlight so far?

Simply a warm and welcome return to Luxembourg and rediscovering all the places that were once familiar to us personally and professionally.

Any downside?

We had an interesting experience while leaving Ireland, when we left a small hand-carry bag in the waiting area of the airport. This was just before we boarded the aircraft and we only realized it was missing when we were about to land in Luxembourg. A few short phone calls to the Lost & Found at Dublin Airport, managed to locate the bag, which was then collected by our friend in Ireland and couriered over to us. How long did it eventually take to arrive in Ireland, due to Covid related transport delays, is another story altogether.

 Why do you think the international experience that Gateway offers is important?

JTC is a global organization, just like many of our clients and partners. The services we offer, may vary slightly by jurisdiction, though the target market is still very much the same. And our workforce, is also mobile, now more than ever. The Gateway programme is essential in supporting the global professional experience needs and ambitions of our people. In my career to date, I have lived in a number of jurisdictions, including Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland and now Luxembourg. I have not only learnt much from my colleagues and friends from my times there but also from being immersed in the local environment. I believe that international experience helps broaden both professional and personal horizons, which have a very direct impact on a person’s ability to succeed in a multi-cultural dynamic global company such as JTC.

 What advice would you give someone considering a career at JTC?

JTC is an ideal place to contribute, learn and develop oneself. In my view this comes from the collegiate atmosphere across the jurisdictions. My advice to anyone considering a career at JTC would be to think long term, understand the culture of the organization / uphold it values and raise your hand up to be counted for new tasks or opportunities that might stretch you – you never know where your contributions may take you.

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