JTC can offer fully AIFMD-compliant ManCo services through Luxembourg and Guernsey to both EU and non-EU AIFs. The activities of the ManCo include providing a portfolio management, risk management and oversight function and offering compliance and reporting services required under AIFMs regulation as shown below:

Risk Management

  • Review, measure and monitoring of identified risk factors
  • Monitoring of internal (Private Placement Memorandum, “PPM”) and external (regulatory) investment risk limits
  • Compilation of periodic Risk Reports
  • Escalation of limit breaches to the board of the Fund and the GP
  • Conducting periodic stress tests and scenario analyses
  • Implementation and plausibility checks of the Fund valuation policy and NAV calculations
  • Review delegations to third parties

Portfolio Management

  • Implementation and execution of all investments/divestments
  • Monitoring of proper execution and settlement of the individual transactions
  • On-going monitoring of the investment portfolio and positions based on periodic reports prepared by the advisor


  • Compliance with legal and contractual obligations (AIFMD, SIF-law, PPM)
  • Information and follow-up on ad-hoc incidents
  • Monitoring of functions delegated to service providers (KPIs, outsourcing controls)
  • Periodic comprehensive Compliance Report to the board of directors of the Fund
  • Liaising with and periodic reporting to the CSSF and GFSC

Regulatory reporting standards

  • AIFMD reporting according to Annex IV of the Directive (quarterly, semi-annually or yearly) as appropriate
  • Collating and calculating all required data
  • Converting and submitting the data to be reported in XML-format to the Luxembourg or Guernsey authorities


Benefits of a third party MANCO

  • Cost saving solution, instead of setting up own AIFM;
  • Fast tracked to market;
  • Skilled professionals with market knowledge;
  • Strong regulatory experience and a reduced compliance burden on the manager; and
  • Independence seen positvely by investors.


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